Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The New Era of Technologies

Technology is become very necessary and is improving day by day. Year back the gadgets that were used in our day old life were very few and did not serve the purpose therefore people have started to feel the need of having them. Masons, carpenters, TS builders, cake tapers, cash registers, and so on. In our day-to-day life we use the technology of computers, televisions, telecommunication, and others to assist us in our work and daily activities.

Computer technology is helping us to live our life more easily and we should all be.. respect for technology and its users. Today phones are phones and laptops are laptops and whatever technology you like or don’t like is not of any importance at all. Technology is what enables us to accomplish things easily and we should all be alike in this.

We should all try to share knowledge and information between each other and show our courtesy and respect for the technology. .

Show your courtesy and respect for the users of the technology by cleaning your computers and laptops regularly and not allowing your stored information to be accessed by others. In a business context Prevention is better than cure and it is not something we should try to push.

Rememberstroke technology is a tool any one can use and��untled individuals who have no knowledge of computers can do as they please, but we should all be aware that there are hackers among us and it is important to be cautious of who is within our peripherals.

Technology can save lives, but like all machines, it can be misused. The best way we can protect ourselves is by being aware of ourUse Technology Safelywhere our devices are and how to control their use minimally. We should continue to download free software for our computers and mobile phones such as Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. Also, we should maintain our privacy settings on our mobile phones and push security by encrypting them, but this is not something we should force users to do.

As the technology is increasing, so is the malware and viruses that exploit our computers newly found vulnerabilities to lure us into unwanted actions. We should continue to be aware that such solutions are available and are sometimes hard to track, but tracking them should be done by a third party who is trustworthy. But right now there is no software to help us with tracking down these malicious programs.

I guess the question that arises now is, who are these hackers? Well anyone can claim they are not a computer expert who would benefit from telling others about this great invention. Perhaps they have a website that addresses this particular subject. Lets look at who profits from this fine art of disguise and intrigue. These are the private Sector players who make a lot of money out of this hoax. There are many who got rich without earning it. Yes, there are still a lot who did not grow rich overnight, but they too are now in the land of illusion and make a lot of money by servicing the credulous and duped public.

The computer hoax industry has chosen the medium of internet as the forum for spreading the latest malware and viruses. They create a lot of buzz and confusion which is useful to their marketing operations. The hoax spreads like wildfire and along with the anonymity of the medium predicts the demise of the weaker host computer versions. They take advantage of the naivety of the audience and believe that people will believe whatever they say because they promise benefits they are already enjoying so you must trust them.

The hidden powers that be know this and it is why they have set a deal with the Federal government to force computer users to turn off their antivirus software as a quid pro quo for tolerating this virus activity. Unless you have Antivirus 2009 then you are probably having Antivirus 2009 and there is no known way of removing it from your computer.

The deal between the software makers and the government is that the makers will provide the means of removing this virus from your computer and for paying some money to the government as a down payment for their lives being saved. Of course the big players like Symantec and Microsoft will not participate in this agreement they know that it will not solve their problems they are too busy working on technology to even attend to a report from the government.

What is really happening is that the big companies are trying to sell their products and secure the profits with the new virus threats that are evolving every day. The truth is that the normally skeptical big companies are being convinced that these emerging threats are lesser than the threats that exists with their regular desktop operating systems.

It is time that people stand up and take action before more people are seriously hurting because of a computer virus.

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